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BRN Business Management Pvt. Ltd. take care of a wide range of issues when it comes to the subject of talent management and development as we know that job of a proper HR doesn’t end just with the hiring but also goes well beyond it. Having hired efficient workforce is only half the work done and ensuring constant enrichment of their skills and role is another important and dynamic factor which needs to be looked into.

We take care of the above by highlighting and enumerating in details the analysis and descriptions of every job role within the organisation. We ensure that every individual when joining has a proper role identified and explained to them. We also keep an eye on the external market pricing which each job carried with it to ensure a proper job role and compensation balance.

We also help in devising a proper internal job evaluation mechanism along with the relevant performance management system in place so as to ensure that all the employees and their roles and productivity can be quantified which helps in giving proper guidance and feedback to the employees for course correction and expectation mapping.

Designing and implementation of delivery evaluation methods and the relevant compensation analysis and design to ensure proper performance based compensation disbursal. Also on offer are a variety of development training and coaching modules to ensure that the employees are kept in sync with the latest developments of the industry.

Lastly we also carry out organisational surveys to cover a variety of topic with the primary being employee satisfaction surveys as a feedback mechanism.

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